December Tweet of the Month

Our tweet of the month for December features wonderful photos of Kelvin Helmholtz clouds taken by Jordi Oliveres Biopulcher.  Here’s what Jordi has to say about this serendipitous encounter:
” This photo was taken at the Port del Cantó (Catalonia), on the road from Sort to La Seu d’Urgell in the Pyrenees. The altitude from which it was taken was 1720m. It was 8:30 am on December 6, 2018. The clouds were near the sunshine. We were surprised by the rarity of the clouds due to its spiral or corkscrew shape. Later we learned that they were Kelvin-Helmholtz or Fluctus clouds. We always look at the sky, day or night, because my father was a PhD in Physics and worked for many years at the Astronomical Observatory Fabra (Barcelona). I work in bioremediation of hydrocarbons in @biopulcher. “

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