Benedikt Strajnar

Bendikt Strajnar, Slovenia: member of the EMS Awards Committee from 2023

Benedikt Strajnar works at the at the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO). He serves as Area leader for Data Assimilation in the ACCORD numerical weather prediction consortium and previously led the same area in the RC LACE regional NWP consortium. As a member of meteorological and oceanographic modelling division at the Slovenian Environment Agency he is in charge of the development of operational, kilometre-scale data assimilation systems for NWP. He previously also worked as a part-time duty weather forecaster at ARSO.

Benedikt received his PhD in meteorology in 2015 from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on assimilation of high-resolution Mode-S aircraft observations. Since 2021 he has been leading the general Meteorology Course as Assistant professor at University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. He has contributed to several projects in the field, most notably the current Destination Earth On-Demand Extremes Digital Twin.