Meteorology – theme of the International Cartoon Exhibition in Zagreb in 2018

The 23rd International Cartoon Exhibition in Zagreb will involve the theme of Meteorology (weather, climate, forecasts, etc.). This exhibition will open on the 29th of May in the Klovićevi dvori gallery in Zagreb.

Cartoonists from all over the world are invited to apply to exhibit original hand-drawn or digital artworks not been previously entered into competitions. The closing date for receipt of entries is April 19th. After that, the entries will be evaluated before going on display in the gallery. The first prize is 1000 Euro, the second 500 Euro and the third 300 Euro. There will also be 5 runners-up.

See the following link for further details:

The example below was developed by Frano Cebalo: “Clouds”

Cartoon by Frano Cebalo: Clouds
Frano Cebalo: Clouds

More examples can be found at the following link:



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