Menorca (Balearic Islands), Spain

2nd World Conference on Meteotsunamis

The 1st World Conference on Meteotsunamis was held in Split (Croatia) in 2019. After the big success of that event (see the special issue of Natural Hazards devoted to the Conference) it was considered of great interest to give continuity to that kind of meetings.

Meteotsunamis are atmospherically generated long-ocean waves in the tsunami frequency band. The amplitude reached in many ports and coasts around the world is occasionally large enough to produce significant damage.

Therefore, the aim of the 2nd World Conference on Meteotsunamis is to deepen, extend and share our knowledge on scientific, technical and societal aspects of meteotsunamis. Submissions concerning all these aspects are highly welcome. Menorca has been chosen to host the event because the inlet of Ciutadella, located on the west coast of the island, is a world-wide meteotsunami hot spot.

2nd World Conference on Meteotsunamis: 18 -22 May 2022

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