Ascona, Switzerland

21st Swiss Climate Summer School 2023

The 21st International Swiss Climate Summer School focuses on the theme “Climate-​Water-Energy-Food-Nexus”. The purpose of this highly interdisciplinary summer school is to bring early stage researchers in touch with established scientists from different disciplines to bridge the topic of climate change with sustainable development goals strongly focusing on social, economic, and humanity aspects. The main questions to be addressed in the keynote lectures and discussed in smaller groups within the planned workshops.

Owing to the highly interdisciplinary nature of the topic, the proposed summer school addresses early stage researchers from the climate and Earth system sciences to food, social, political, and economic sciences, as well as humanities. The one-​week summer school is organised akin to a conference and is structured around keynote lectures by internationally renowned experts with ample time for discussions, poster sessions, workshops, and concluding workshop summaries, as well as a panel discussion that involves lecturers and participants. All summer school participants are expected to present a poster of their research to discuss their own research with the other participants.