Tanja Cegnar

First EMS Outstanding Contribution Award to Tanja Cegnar

The EMS Council at its recent Session selected Tanja Cegnar, chair of the EMS Media Team, as the first recipient of the EMS Outstanding Contribution Award.

She is honoured for her relentless pursuit of the Media and Communication activities of the Society, continuously contributing to their growth and promoting with exceptional dedication the international networking of Broadcast Meteorologists, developing the Media and Communication session programme at Annual Meetings as a forum for exchange and communication, as well as instigating communication and public presentation training for scientists.

The Award will be presented to her at the EMS Annual Meeting on 08 September 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Tanja has been leading the Media Committee from its establishment in 2000 until 2008; then the committee adopted a more project based approach and Tanja as chair of the Media Team has coordinated the activities and instigated new projects – and continues to do so.

Tanja Cegnar works at the Slovenian Environment Agency and is a weather presenter at the national television in Slovenia.