EMS 2020 Media Forecast Award for Zoltán Üveges

The forecast by Zoltán Üveges for 18 May 2020, broadcast via OMSZ’s YouTube Channel, was selected for the EMS Media Weather Forecast Award 2020. This was the first year in which the group of eligible submitters for this award has been enlarged to include broadcasters as well as digital media weather presenters.


Zoltán Üveges’ presentation demonstrates how probability forecasts can be communicated. He also provided comprehensive explanations of the weather at a larger European scale that would affect his country. Consequently he provided his viewers with great understanding not only of what the forecast was, but also why the weather was happening. In addition, he discussed an exceptional episode of desert sand, including a dust /aerosol forecast.
Zoltán Üveges is calm and in control. All of his graphics were labelled well and he addressed each element comprehensively, with nice transitions between different visuals. This is a good example of a Best Practice.

Zoltán Üveges said: “Being a meteorologist, especially one who presents forecasts to the public, is an ungrateful task in many cases. Interpreting our forecasts, the primary consideration is not only to communicate dry data and facts to our viewers, but also to bring our profession closer to them, along with all its beauty and difficulty. In addition to the feedback from our followers, it’s particularly important that we are recognized with such a professional award. This is a really strong confirmation that we are on the right track. All members of our team are very pleased with this recognition, which we would like to thank sincerely!

The Awardee

Zoltán is the head of the media meteorology group at the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ). Besides presenting the weather in a daily routine, he is also the designer and creator of the visual content presented on various media channels.  This includes posting actual and forecast weather on Facebook and Instagram and publishing daily weather forecast videos on YouTube. The aim, in order to give first-hand information to the public.


Media Session and Award presentation

It was intended to present the award and show Zoltán Üveges forecast as an example of good practice during the Media Session at the EMS Annual Meeting in Bratislava. Due to the cancellation of the conference both events have to be postponed. It is hoped that Zoltán will attend the Media Session at the EMS Annual Meeting in Barcelona in September 2021 and talk about his approach and experiences.

The video of the forecast 18 May 2020, broadcast via YouTube


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