Vacancies for Hydrometeorologists

Met Éireann, Dublin, Ireland
Closing date: 07 June 2018

The successful candidate(s) will work as members of a team delivering year-round, 24/7 flood forecasting services, which will include the production of daily flood forecast products as well as the issue of flood alerts and warnings during times of increased flood risk.

The successful candidate(s) will have:

  • Experience of the development, calibration and operation of flood forecasting models and services
  • A qualification of at least Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications, in one or more of the following: Hydrology, Oceanography, Meteorology or where Hydrology was taken as a major component e.g. Civil Engineering, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Find the details in the information booklet and visit Met Éireann’s website.

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