The Federation of Latin American and Iberian Meteorological Societies (FLISMET)

In 1986 the Argentinian Centre of Meteorologists (CAM), the Sociedade Brasileira de Meteorologia (SBMET) and the Mexican Meteorological Organization (OMMAC) founded the Latin American Federation of Meteorological Societies. Spain joined in 1992, and since then it became known as the Federation of Latin American  and Iberian Meteorological Societies (FLISMET: Federación Latinoamericana e Ibérica de Sociedades de Meteorología).

The President, elected every two years, is the head of the Executive Committee of FLISMET. The governing body is the General Assembly consisting of the Council of Representatives. The current President is Mr. Romulo da Silveira Paz from SBMET and currently FLISMET has 12 members:

  • Argentina: “Centro Argentino de Meteorólogos (CAM)’’
  • Brazil: ‘’Sociedade Brasileira de Meteorología (SBMET)’’
  • Bolivia: ‘’Sociedad Meteorológica de Santa Cruz’’
  • Colombia: ‘’Sociedad Colombiana de Meteorología (SOCOLMET)’’
  • Cuba: ‘’Sociedad Meteorológica de Cuba (SOMETCUBA)’’
  • Chile: ‘’Colegio de Meteorólogos de Chile A.G.’’
  • Ecuador: ‘’Asociación de Meteorólogos del Ecuador (ASOMET)’’
  • Spain: ‘’Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME)’’
  • Mexico: ‘’Organización Mexicana de Meteorólogos A.C. (OMMAC)’’
  • Peru: ‘’Sociedad Meteorológica de Perú (SOMET-PERU)’’
  • Portugal: ‘’Asociação Portuguesa de Meteorologia e Geofísica (APMG)’’
  • Uruguay: ‘’Sociedad Amigos del Viento (AdelV)’’

The goals of FLISMET are to support and foster a spirit of unity among the Societies and to develop relationships. FLISMET promotes cooperation in areas such as training and scientific development, encourages environmental preservation, gives support to participation in events at International Institutions and is an advocate for meteorology professionals.

Promoting relationships with our close friends from Latin America, with whom we share so much history and culture, has been something a priority for the Spanish Meteorological Society (AME).  We organised the first FLISMET Congress in 1992 and Latin American countries have been very active in all conferences organised by AME. We think that these kinds of meetings can be an excellent forum to improve cooperation between members on both sides of the Atlantic.

By Fernando Aguado, President of AME




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