Suggestions for the EMS President 2023 – 2026 invited

The EMS President, Bert Holtslag, is now in his last year of office as President. Consequently, the time has come to take action to prepare for the election of his replacement who will take up office in September 2023 at a date to be agreed. The post of President is held for three years and a President cannot be re-elected.

The EMS Bureau, consisting of the President, Vice-President and Treasurer, has responsibility for making nominations to Council for a new President, taking into account any guidance from Council and suggestions from individual members of Council. Below is an outline of the process for electing a new President and the desirable characteristics of that person.

EMS Member Societies and Council members are invited to make suggestions for candidates until 1 December 2022: Along with any suggestion, a brief statement about that person’s suitability for the post must be provided. It is expected that anyone suggested will be a member of an EMS Member Society and would be willing to take on the post of President. Having experience of being involved in the governance of the EMS or its activities is not a requirement. If anyone would like to talk to the current President and/or the Executive Secretary about what is involved in being EMS President, please contact the secretariat at ems-sec (at) and a phone or video conversation could be arranged.

Election Process

The election process is as follows.

  • 4 September 2022: The President informed the General Assembly about the process for electing a new EMS President.
  • By end of October 2022: The President informs the Presidents of Member Societies about the
    process for electing a new President.
  • By 1 December 2022:  Members of Council and others associated with the EMS submit
    suggestions for the next President to the Executive Secretary.
  • By 31 January 2023: Bureau reviews suggestions for President and prepares a nomination
    for Council (though the nomination might be a shortlist of several suitable candidates).
  • 28/29 March 2023: Council considers the nomination from the Bureau and elects a new
    President by a simple majority of the Council.

Desirable characteristics of an EMS President

At its meeting in September 2019 in Lyngby, Denmark, the Council had identified the following as being the desirable characteristics of a new EMS President and/or factors that should be taken into account when considering the suitability of candidates of an EMS President:

  • Has enough time available to engage in the office of a President.
  • Good leader/visionary and is a “figure” in the global scene.
  • Has a good network and is well-connected in the community.
  • Able to connect to and engage with people.
  • Experience/proven ability of chairing and coordinating meetings (also remotely).
  • Good presence in the room.
  • Good command of (business) English

Earlier EMS Presidents

1999 – 2001 Rene Morin, France
2001 – 2004 Werner Wehry, Germany
2005 – 2008 David Burridge, UK
2008 – 2011 Fritz Neuwirth, Austria
2011 – 2014 Dominique Marbouty, France
2014 – 2017 Horst Böttger, Germany
2017 – 2020 Bob Riddaway, UK


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