SMI – one of the oldest Meteorological Societies

The Italian Meteorological Society (SMI – Società Meteorologica Italiana Onlus) is a non-profit association established in 1865, with about 500 members including professionals, scientists, users and amateurs of meteorology and atmospheric sciences. SMI promotes and encourages development and knowledge of atmospheric sciences and climate change in Italy.

With over 150 years of intense activity and experience in meteorological, climatological and glaciological studies, SMI continues to generate knowledge by its own research as well as by collecting data and research results distributed through the Nimbus Journal. Five centennial meteorological observatories are managed by SMI, and a glacier mass balance site in the Western Alps was set up in 1986.

The leading activities of the Society are: research in climate change, extreme events reports, history of Italian climate, popularisation of meteorology, lectures on meteorology and climatology in schools, articles in newspapers and magazines, appearance on radio and TV programmes and publishing activities.

The Nimbus Journal is a high quality illustrated “Bulletin” in the field of meteorology, climatology and related sciences, published two times per year, distributing more than 1500 copies to members and libraries. The main topics included in Nimbus are meteorology, climatology, glaciology and their interactions with human activities, monthly Meteorological Reports on weather in Italy, book reviews, announcements of international conferences and internet site suggestions.

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By Sofia Montuschi


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