RMetS Careers Day

RMetS Careers Information Day for Young People, 23 June 2018 (photo: John Hammond)
RMetS Careers Information Day for Young People, 23 June 2018 (photo: John Hammond)

On the 23 July, the RMetS held a careers information day for young people aged 14-20. It was an exciting mix of high-quality presentations covering early careers in forecasting and academia, as well as more in-depth talks on space weather, sting jets, and storm naming and communicating risk.

The day was advertised widely on social media and through schools and careers services countrywide. This was reflected in the geographical spread of attendees as well as in how they said they had heard of the event. The Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Reading were represented in the course ‘speed dating ‘ session which really engaged the young people.

The Institute of Physics kindly supported the event, allowing the use of their central London venue for the day.

All the talks from the day have been recorded and will remain as a permanent resource for students interested in a meteorology career.

This splendid day was particularly enjoyed by students choosing degree courses and undergraduates considering possible employers. They now have a much better insight into the opportunities provided by pursuing a career in meteorology.

By Fiona Hewer




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