RMetS – Briefing paper and podcast about El Niño

The RMetS Climate Science Communication Group is producing a series of Climate Science Briefing Papers. The aim is to clearly and concisely explain important aspects of climate science.

The latest briefing paper and podcast is on El Niño: What is El Niño – Southern Oscillation? It has been prepared by Prof Adam Scaife, who works at the Met Office where he leads their monthly to decadal prediction work while carrying out personal research on climate variability. The topics covered in the briefing paper include:

  • What is El Niño?
  • What causes an El Niño event?
  • How do we measure El Niño?
  • Impacts of El Niño and La Niña
  • How does El Niño affect global temperature?
  • El Niño and climate change

The briefing paper and podcast are available from https://www.rmets.org/new-podcast-briefing-paper-el-niño

This is the fifth briefing paper in the series. The others are:

  • What do we mean by climate change?
  • Measuring meteorological variables for studying the climate
  • How is sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic changing?
  • How much warming results from increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2)?

These can be downloaded from https://www.rmets.org/briefing-papers.


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