Research Scientist in Climate Data Quality Control

Barcelona Supercomputing Centre – Earth Sciences (BSC-ES), Barcelona, Spain
Closing date: not specified

The BSC-ES is looking for a Research Scientist in Climate Data Quality Control to coordinate the activity in a new international project.

The Department of Earth Sciences of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), BSC-ES henceforth ( is one of the most active groups in air quality and atmospheric composition modelling, climate prediction and climate services in Europe. The department is currently composed of about 80 people, including scientists and technical and support staff, and is structured in four distinct but interacting research groups: Atmospheric Composition (AC), Climate Prediction, Earth System Services (ESS), and Computational Earth Sciences.

The candidate will work together with AC and ESS groups. The AC group aims at better understanding and predicting the spatiotemporal variations of atmospheric pollutants along with their effects on air quality, weather and climate. The main objective of the Earth System Services Group ( is to demonstrate the ongoing value of climate prediction services, atmospheric composition and weather forecasting to both society and economic actors. The group actively works in identifying user needs that will partly guide research in the BSC-ES Department and aims to quantify the impact of weather, climate, aerosols and gaseous pollutants upon socio-economic sectors through the development of user-oriented services that ensure the transfer of the technology developed and the adaptation to a rapidly changing environment, especially of those highly vulnerable to those changes. The group is extremely active in the EC Research Programmes and has collaborated with the industry and public administration in competitive projects and contracts.

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