Registration for ESSL Testbed 2021 now open

The goal of the Testbed is twofold. First, it caters forecasters who want to learn how to forecast severe convective storms using state-of-the-art forecasting tools. Second, it is a hands-on evaluation of new, sometimes experimental, forecast products. This means that both forecasters and developers of forecast products have an interest in the Testbed.

Testbed 2021 participation includes two one-week events in which there are lectures on ingredient-based storm forecasting followed by afternoon forecasting sessions. In addition, participants will work with new developmental tools to support the forecasting of convective hazards, and provide feedback. This year, the Testbed will feature several new nowcasting tools from DWD, convection-permitting ensemble forecasts from ZAMG and DWD and the CAPE and CAPESHEAR Extreme Forecast Index of ECMWF.

The Testbed weeks are runnig from in mid-June  and mid-July, both taking place online. For details see the calendar below.

For experts in storm forecasting, two Testbed Expert events will take place online in the weeks of 21 – 25 June and 5 – 9 July. During those events, the basics of ingredients-based forecasting will be skipped, and participants are asked to present a case study or advanced topic for discussion among colleagues. There will also be a stronger focus on the collection of feedback about the tools and products.

More information about the events and registration at:

ESSL training calendar and Testbed 2021

ESSL Testbed training calendar status March 2021
ESSL Testbed training calendar status March 2021


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