Postdoc Position in GNSS-R Data Analysis

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA
Closing date: not specified

The successful candidate will develop a surface sensible and latent heat flux product using CYGNSS retrieved wind speeds, along with ancillary atmospheric and surface thermodynamic data. She/he will be expected to develop the surface flux algorithm, apply it to CYGNSS on-orbit data, and conduct calibration / validation of the CYGNSS-based flux estimates vs independent flux measurements. The candidate will be expected to document the algorithm and cal/val in an algorithm theoretical basis document (ATBD), and to support the use of the product by the broader CYGNSS science team. In addition to product development, the candidate will be expected to use the surface flux estimates to conduct research into how surface fluxes may influence the development and evolution of extratropical cyclones, especially those that form at low latitudes.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences, and also to have previous experience working with CYGNSS retrieved wind speed data. Specific experience in the application of CYGNSS data to the understanding of ocean-atmosphere coupling is highly desired, as is detailed knowledge of extratropical cyclone processes. The successful candidate should be highly self-motivated, and have excellent oral and written communication skills. Candidates who have received their PhD within the past five years since the date of their application are eligible. Postdoctoral Scholar positions are awarded for a minimum of one-year period and may be renewed up to a maximum duration of three years.

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