PhD position in Natural Science with specialization in Chemistry

University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Closing date: 04 July 2018

The Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology invites applicants for a PhD position focusing on interactions between anthropogenic aerosol particle emissions and mixed phase clouds. Ice nucleation and the resulting climate effects will be a particular focus. The position will be connected to the Swedish Research Council Formas project, “Human influence on Nordic and Arctic Climate and Air: shipping, mixed-phase clouds, and particles.” The project addresses key questions in current atmospheric research and contributes to an improved description of aerosol and cloud processes, which are critical for understanding evolution of climate. The project includes fundamental theoretical, experimental, and atmospheric modelling work and collaboration with partners at Stockholm University’s Department of Meteorology.  A keen interest in environmental science, and theoretical and experimental physical chemistry is essential.  Previous experience with Matlab, LabVIEW and/or other data analysis and instrument I/O packages is advantageous.

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