Sorin Burcea

Sorin Burcea (phot: private)

Sorin Burcea is is currently working as Scientific Researcher at the Romanian National Meteorological Administration’s (RNMA) headquarters, in Bucharest, and acts as the Head of the Weather Radar Network Coordination Department. Sorin Burcea obtained his PhD in 2011 from Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest.

In terms of research activity, He was involved, as radar and scientific expert, in several national and international funded research projects related to the improvement of scientific basis of flash flood forecasting and management of flash flood hazards and risks as critical components of public safety and quality of life, the development and delivery of climate data for the user community, stakeholders, and hydrological services for research and practical applications, and application of machine learning techniques in nowcasting.

Sorin Burcea’s   research activity is focused on the study of severe weather events, climatology of storms and related weather phenomena, risk assessment of weather events, lightning activity of storms, the quality of weather radar data and processing algorithms for improving the nowcasting forecast, and the use of weather radars in quantitative precipitation estimation.