Lena M. Tallaksen

Lena M Tallaksen (phto: private)

Lena M Tallaksen is professor in hydrology at the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo. Her research focuses on hydrometeorological extremes, large-scale droughts in particular, addressing the complexity in drivers, generating processes and definitions, among other. The main study region is Europe and she is one of the initiators of the European Drought Centre (EDC) – a web-based network of European drought research and management organizations (europeandroughtcentre.com). She is editor of the textbook ‘Hydrological drought – Processes and Estimation Methods for Streamflow and Groundwater’ (Elsevier, 2004), with a second edition in progress (to be published in 2022).

Tallaksen was awarded the European Geosciences Union (EGU) Leonardo lecture for excellent scientific merits in hydrology in 2014, granted in recognition of an outstanding contribution to low flow and drought hydrology. She is currently leading the Strategic Research Initiative LATICE (Land-atmosphere interactions in cold environments) at the University of Oslo.

Lena Tallaksen will present a Strategic Lecture

Drought in a changing climate – a pan-European view