Johannes Schmetz

Johannes Schmetz, co-Chief Editor JEMS

Retired as Chief Scientist at EUMETSAT

Experience, Expertise and Recognitions

  • International collaboration over more than three decades, for instance within the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS).
  • Member and chair of many international scientific and technical fora.
  • Publications of scientific papers mainly in cooperation with international partners.
  • Inter alia received award from the American Meteorological Society for ‘thought leadership’ and ‘exceptional service’.
  • Doctoral degree from University of Cologne, habilitation from University Frankfurt where he lectured.
  • Work at University Cologne and Max-Planck-Institute in Hamburg on cloud-radiation science.
  • Established at the European Space Agency the first viable operational calibration for Meteosat satellites and developed, with a team, meteorological products into maturity for operational and scientific use.
  • Established and headed at EUMETSAT the Meteorological Division as recognized pool of scientific expertise guiding and supporting the development of operational satellite programmes.