ÖGM Margules Prize 2020: Daniel Fenner

The Austrian Society for Meteorology (ÖGM) awards the Max Margules Prize every three years. This sponsored award is presented to a young scientists in recognition of high quality work in the field of meteorology and climatology, which has been published in the scientific journal “Meteorologische Zeitschrift (Contributions to Atmospheric Sciences)” in the last three years. The award winner is selected by a prize committee consisting of four academics.

Daniel Fenner: Recipient of Max-Margueles-Prize 2020 (photo: private)
Daniel Fenner: Recipient of Max-Margueles-Prize 2020 (photo: private)

The award was first given in 2017 to Francesco Isotta (MeteoSwiss) for his paper “Evaluation of European regional reanalyses and downscalings for precipitation in the Alpine region”, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 24, 15–37, 2015.

The prize committee has now selected Daniel Fenner from the Institute for Ecology, Department of Climatology at the Technical University of Berlin for his paper “Intra and inter ´local climate zone´ variability of air temperature as observed by crowd sourced citizen weather stations in Berlin”. The work was published in the Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 26, 525–547, 2017.

By naming the prize the Max Margules Prize, the outstanding Austrian scientist Max Margules (born in 1856 in Brody, now Ukraine, died in 1920 near Vienna) is commemorated. Due to his outstanding theoretical meteorological papers, Margules is considered as one of the early founders of theoretical meteorology and, alongside Julius Hann, is the internationally best-known Austrian meteorologist.

Meteorologische Zeitschrift was originally founded in 1884, one year after the establishment of the German Meteorological Society. In 1886 the publication was merged with the scientific journal of the Austrian Society for Meteorology, which had existed since 1866, and it was published jointly by the two meteorological societies until 1944. The journal was re-founded in 1992 and is now jointly published by the German Meteorological Society, the Swiss Meteorological Society and the Austrian Meteorological Society. Meteorologische Zeitschrift – a full Open Access journal – accepts high-quality, English language, double peer-reviewed manuscripts on all aspects of observational, theoretical and computational research on the entire field of meteorology and atmospheric physics.


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