Outreach Award 2020 for RESCCCUE, Slovenia

Logo of RESCCCUE project: winner of EMS Outreach & Communication Award 2020The EMS Outreach and Communication Award 2020 is presented to the project “RESCCCUE” – REminding Slovenian authorities Climate Change Crisis requires Urgent Effort”. Its main objective is to alert the Slovenian government to the urgency of tackling the climate change crisis.

OC Award 2020: RESCCCUE communication and outreach activities
RESCCCUE communication and outreach activities

The initiative is led by four young Slovenian scientists who have brought together over 100 leading scientists in Slovenia (e.g. meteorologists, climatologists, oceanographers, physicists, biologists, chemists, geographers) and others, including politicians, decision makers, media and general public. The project achieved impressive attention of the media and the public by utilising a diversity of outreach and communication strategies (e.g. television, radio stations, podcasts, newspapers, journals, seminars, talks, panel discussions, social platforms) to raise awareness about climate change.



The RESCCCUE project is devoted to raising awareness of the effects and impacts of climate change, translating science to a broad public and alerting the government and society as a whole that action is urgent.  With the large range of methods and channels the project reaches a very wide audience across society, using various communication strategies and settings to reach different target groups, and thus supports the increase of awareness and understanding. First steps to the ultimate goal of enhancing political actions to combat climate change have already been achieved.

RESCCCUE Team: Žiga Zaplotnik, Lina Boljka, Nina Črnivec, Aljoša Slameršak
RESCCCUE Team: Žiga Zaplotnik, Lina Boljka, Nina Črnivec, Aljoša Slameršak

The Award was supposed to be handed over during the EMS Annual Meeting 2020 in Bratislava. Due to cancellation of the event the award ceremony is postponed to 2021 in Barcelona, Spain.


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