Interview with NVBM Member Niek-Jan Bink

Niek-Jan Bink in front of his cabinet containing all sorts of instrumentation, prototypes and a small portrait of one of his heroes Edward Norton Lorenz.
Niek-Jan Bink in front of his cabinet containing all sorts of instrumentation, prototypes and a small portrait of one of his heroes Edward Norton Lorenz.

EMS LC: Is your job related to meteorology?

Yes it sure is. My company, Wittich & Visser, has been developing, producing and selling meteorological instruments and systems since 1924!




EMS LC: What society are you a member of, and since when?

As far as I can remember I have been a member of the Dutch Meteorological Society, NVBM, since it was founded in 1991.

EMS LC: Why are you a member? What aspects of meteorology interests you most?

Being a member is fun and it is useful to hear and see what colleagues are working on. My specialities include micro meteorology and meteorological instrumentation. With respect to the Society, for the most part I am interested in topics outside of my own areas of expertise.

EMS LC: What is your favourite type of weather?

I like storms and rain when I am sitting in front of my fireplace with good company and a glass of wine, I like “Dutch“ weather when I am sailing and I like a crisp, sunny cold day for skiing. In other words, I have many favourite weather types depending on what I have to do or where I am.

EMS LC: What is the extent of your involvement in your Met Society?

I am a reasonably loyal supporter of activities and a reader of the magazine. I was also financial auditor of the Society for a few years. My company Wittich & Visser is a sponsor of the Society.

EMS LC: What type of Met Society events do you like to attend? Have you ever attended an event remotely, via a webinar, Facebook Live, etc?

When possible, I like to attend the events. Although the yearly meeting with the financial statement is not the most exciting event, I think members should try to be there. It is clever that the board combines these meetings with interesting presentations. As for remote events, I don’t recall such events being organised by NVBM. I think, given the reasons why I am a member, remote events would not be my favourite.

EMS LC: What type of events would you like your organisation to host? Do you have any suggestions of new types of event to be run by your Met Society?

The events that NVBM currently organises are quite interesting – excursions, symposia etc. I think it would be nice if our Society could organise more events that are suitable for a general audience, especially younger people. However, I realise that we are a small society and that such events need collaboration with other stakeholders.

EMS LC: What has been your favourite event to date that was carried out by your Met Society?

The excursion to EUMETSAT was really nice!

EMS LC: What advantages do you get from being a member of your Met Society?

Mainly social contact with professional colleagues and learning about all sort of activities, measuring projects and research.

EMS LC: How are you kept informed of the activities of your Met Society?

e-mail / magazine / website

EMS LC: How is social media used to support the activities of your Met Society? What more could be done to enhance the social media presence of your Met Society?

We have a nice website which also hosts a forum. However, the forum is not used very extensively. I do not know of any other social media being used. I think the hard copy magazine is a very good medium but NVBM is thinking of switching to a digital magazine. I would be sad to lose the printed magazine but it could be a good move, if videos, animations or other media gadgets were then a possibility.

EMS LC: What could be done by the EMS to enhance its support for your Met Society and the European meteorological community in general?

I must honestly admit that I do not know too much about the role of the EMS.

EMS LC: Thank you very much for the interview!


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