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IFMS Webinar: GWE Initiative of WBG & WMO

The IFMS is hosting a webinar, as first of a planned series, on 15 May 2020 at 8:00 am EST (New York Time). The topic of the first webinar will cover the Global Weather Enterprise Initiative (GWE). Registration is required and the number of participants is limited. Find more details ….[more]

ESSL updates April 2020

ESSL Director’s Address Regarding ESSL activities and the Corona virus outbreak: adapting to the new situation, ESSL has postponed a course on Forecasting Convective Storms for Aviation until the autumn; the Convective Storm Dynamics course was held remotely and The ESSL Testbed will continue in online form.[more]

AME Fotoinverno and Meteovideo 2020

Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME) runs a biennial meteo video competition. The winner of Meteovideo’2020 is El cielo afortunaddo, compiled using some spectacular time lapse videos taken on Tenerife Island, Spain, by Roberto Porto Mata.
AME also published the results of its photo competition, “Fotoinvierno’2020[more]

EMS Silver Medal 2020 for Jean Jouzel

This award recognised Jean Jouzel’s fundamental and pioneering scientific contributions to the understanding of paleo, present and future climate processes. Jean Jouzel said “Understanding past climate change provides information relevant to its future. …[more]

42nd Session of the EMS Council

The 42nd session of the EMS Council was held as a video meeting and emphasis was placed on dealing with urgent matters. Other matters will be dealt with by correspondence, delegation to the Bureau or postponement to the September Council meeting. Dominique Marbouty was elected as Vice President, the Memorandum of Understanding between the EMS and the Harry Otten Foundation was approved, …[more]

Engaging the public, private and academic sectors

The WMO Public-Private Engagement Office was established in January 2020 with the aim to follow-up the Geneva Declaration 2019. The Global Weather Enterprise Forum supports the international engagement between the public, private and academic sectors based on a common goal. Both, PPE and GWE Forum, issue newsletters …[more]

ÖGM Margules Prize 2020: Daniel Fenner

Daniel Fenner from the Institute for Ecology, Department of Climatology at the Technical University of Berlin, was selected to receive the Max Margules Prize of the Austrian Society for Meteorology for his paper “Intra and inter ´local climate zone´ variability of air temperature as observed by crowd sourced citizen weather stations in Berlin”. The work was published in the Meteorologische Zeitschrift, [more]

New web tool to monitor quality of observations

The WMO and ECMWF launched a new web-based interface to help monitor the availability and quality of global meteorological observations. The WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System (WDQMS) monitors the availability and quality of land-based surface and upper-air observations. It is based on near-real-time monitoring information provided by four participating global NWP centres[more]

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