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EMS Tromp Award 2017 to Stephanie Horion

Award for an outstanding achievement in biometeorology

The EMS Tromp award has recently been established and is given for the third time this year. The EMS Tromp Award 2017 winner is Stéphanie Horion, Assistant professor[more]

EMS Young Scientist Award 2017 to Juha Aalto

The EMS Young Scientist Award 2017 is awarded to Juha Aalto from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) for his publication: “New gridded daily climatology of Finland: Permutation-based uncertainty estimates and temporal trends in climate”, J.[more]

EMS Journalist Award 2017 for Astrid Rommetveit

Astrid Rommetveit is a Journalist with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK.
As a journalist, she specializes on weather and climate, committing herself to tell important stories to a broad public. She is striving to[more]

BAMS: Interview with Tanja Cegnar


– An Interview with the European Meteorological Society’s Tanja Cegnar

Tanja Cegnar, chair of the EMS Media and Communications Team attended the AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle this past[more]

AME Meteoreportaje winner photo

Carlos Castillejo Balsera is the winner of the AME Meteoreportaje 2016, the contest of the Spanish Meteorological Society, with his report with the title “Momentos”.  Roberto Porto Mata won the Meteovideo, the AME video competition,[more]

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