Tropical Cyclone Wind Hazard Modeler

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Closing date: not specified

RMS is currently seeking a Modeler that will help develop and build data assimilation tools and techniques used in models that predict possible damage due to tropical cyclones, using a combination of observed data, reanalysis data, and numerical and statistical models. This role will be based in our Tallahassee, Florida office.

Key Responsibilities
• Real-time event modeling and analysis
• Development of standardization and evaluation methodologies for tropical cyclone observations and model output
• Furthering and development of tools that automate the retrieval process of geophysical data
• Furthering and development of a database API for efficient data retrieval
• Integration of tropical cyclone data with other RMS teams and data streams
• Evaluation of model results (both hazard and loss) via comparison to observational and loss benchmarks • Developing new modeling approaches for the next generation RMS(one) platform.


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