Senior Scientist High-performance Atmospheric Modeling

University of Innsbruck, Austria
Closing date: 25 July 2020

The successful candidate will be expected to actively contribute to the institute’s recently established research focus on regional climate modeling in collaboration with long-lasting experience on numerical modeling of atmospheric dynamics processes over mountainous areas. The main task of the successful candidate will be the management of data and code, performing simulations and basic as well as advanced data analysis in relation to a recently acquainted PRACE project on km-scale regional climate simulation over major mountain ranges (European Alps and Himalayas). In addition, capacity building for HPC modeling at the Department of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences (ACINN) at the University of Innsbruck will be a major focus of this position. Regular duties include teaching at undergraduate (B.Sc.) and/or graduate (M.Sc.) levels as well as research training for PhD students at ACINN. Candidates with a strong background in numerical modeling of the atmosphere and HPC technology are especially encouraged to apply. It will be expected that the successful candidate will develop – in collaboration with the members of ACINN – her/his own research focus.

A Ph.D. in meteorology, atmospheric science or a related field; experience in numerical modeling, preferably of the atmosphere, for short (‘weather’) or long (‘climate’) time scales; knowledge in mountain meteorology/climatology advantageous; strong background and experience in scientific programming, numerical methods, data management; experience and/or interest in university level teaching; strong verbal and written communication skills are required (previous knowledge of German is not a requirement – but the commitment to learn at least the basics will be expected). Independence, strong problem-solving skills, and an ability to work efficiently as part of a team are essential.

The opening is published at the university’s job portal, under <> (search for the identification GEO-11321). There is a ‘en’ (for English) choice at the top of the page. (Please note that the job portal has a fixed period of 6 weeks for which the position is ‘open’ (visible) – if you don’t find it, please contact Mathias Rotach, mathias.rotach<at>


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