Senior Atmospheric Perils Specialist

Gallagher Re, London, UK
Closing date not specified

The main responsibility of the Senior Atmospheric Perils Specialist is the evaluation and assessment of catastrophe risk models from a climate science perspective, focussing on wind and tropical cyclones. The specialist will work at the heart of the Global Model Research and Evaluation team at Gallagher Re. He/she will lead and coordinate model research and evaluation projects to ultimately define the Gallagher Re view of catastrophe risk for a peril/region and inform (re)insurance decision making and enhance internal research and evaluation frameworks.

The team: The Model Research and Evaluation is a multi-national team of enthusiastic and team-oriented individuals with different specialities: Wind, Flood and Earthquake. The team works closely with research partners and internal stakeholders to translate the latest science and technology into solutions to help clients manage their natural catastrophe risk. The team is one of the largest and most respected cat model evaluation teams in the industry.

The scope: The scope of the Model Research and Evaluation team is rapidly expanding, as more data becomes available, more models are built, regulation makes stricter demands on model users and, generally, the sophistication of model users increases. Catastrophe modelling plays a key role in the (re)insurance industry, helping to determine the capital and reinsurance requirements of (re)insurance companies. Several catastrophe modelling options are available in the market, and it is very important to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as develop alternative solutions, to help Gallagher Re clients to form their ’view of risk’.