University Assistant: “Seismic analysis of thunder infrasound”

University of Vienna, Austria
Closing date: 8 November 2018

Have you ever wondered about lightning and thunder, and what connects them?
The project ThunderSeis (“Seismic analysis of thunder infrasound”) will give you the opportunity to investigate that, using the seismological AlpArray network, and the Austrian lightning detection system. Your work can provide detailed insight into the mechanisms of lightning and thunder generation. The work will focus (in part) on the striking observations of infrasound propagating across Eastern Austria, which we`ve made earlier this year using the seismological AlpArray network, during a severe convective weather event on May 2, 2018 in and around Vienna.

You will work in a strongly interdisciplinary environment and in an emerging field of science. Your studies will include analysis of infrasonic thunder recorded on seismic stations, using the multi-year coverage of the AlpArray seismic network and the Austrian lightning detection system ALDIS. This approach will provide insight into thunder generation, regional infrasound propagation in the Alpine region, and seismo-acoustic coupling.

Your Profile

  • Completed Diploma or Master degree in Geophysics or neighbouring disciplines (Physics, Meteorology, Acoustics, or Electrical Engineering)
  • Computer and programming knowledge are required
  • Knowledge of English language is a must (excellent command of written and spoken English), German language is a bonus
  • Methodological and didactic competence
  • High ability to express yourself both orally and in writing
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Basic experience in research methods and academic writing.

Duration of employment: 3 year/s
Extent of Employment: 30 hours/week
Job grading in accordance with collective bargaining agreement: §48 VwGr. B1 Grundstufe
(praedoc) with relevant work experience determining the assignment to a particular salary grade.

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