Scientist position in a mission-driven data design agency

Vizzuality, Madrid, Spain
Closing date: not specified

Vizzuality is a mission-driven data design agency based in Madrid, Cambridge, and Porto. You’ll work alongside talented designers, engineers, product managers and scientists who work together and are passionate about what they do. Vizzuality creates data-driven tools and online applications for international organisations who focus on conservation, development, open data, climate change, transparency, and inequality.

Ideally, you should have a background in a Science domain: preferably related to disciplines such as Ecology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Remote sensing, and GIS or Geography. Vizzuality is particularly looking for someone who has a proven background in research, or who can demonstrate that they understand how to create knowledge from data. You should be able to solve problems creatively, communicate ideas, and know how to use robust reproducible statistics to produce clear results.

In addition to your scientific background, you should also have strong computing skills: this should include at least a basic knowledge of Python, Git, Bash. You will also be working with Google Earth Engine, databases, and GIS software, so you should have a willingness to learn and enjoy the learning process. (As it will never end!)

The job is for a full-time contract on the Science Team. Initially, you will be working as the lead Scientist on the Half-Earth project. This is an exciting project aiming to protect biodiversity, in partnership with the E.O. Wilson Foundation and Yale University’s Map of Life team. Although the Half-Earth project will initially be your main responsibility area, the job is a general applied Science position. You would be using your background knowledge, and programming/analytical skills to solve problems across a range of projects. When Half-Earth ends there will be more projects that will be related to the areas of Climate Change, biodiversity protection, and inequality/development projects which you would continue to work on.

Ideally you would be based in our main office located in Madrid, Spain together with the majority of the Science Team, however, this is negotiable: Vizzuality also has offices in Porto (Portugal) and Cambridge (UK), and supports remote-workers.

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