Scientist position on climate and renewable energies

University of Murcia, Spain
Closing date: not specified

Climate-related challenges constrain a rapidly evolving energy sector. Ambitious climate change mitigation requires that low-carbon energies grow very fast in the coming decades. This rapid transition towards renewables makes the energy production, transmission and distribution increasingly sensitive to weather and climate variability.

In this context, the Regional Atmospheric Modeling group of the University of Murcia ( is offering a 10-month scientist position for studying the links between climate and renewable energies (wind and solar) under present and future scenarios: large-scale climate drivers (transitory weather types, well identified patterns such as the NAO), impact of misunderstood but relevant phenomena (such as aerosol-radiation-clouds interactions); and how these links can be used in advantage of the societies for the design of smart deployment strategies.

The candidate will work within the context of two supporting national projects (CLIMAX and EASE) in a collaborative environment with international partners (LSCE and IDL), assessing already available global and regional climatic datasets and electricity supply and demand data at the European level.

This work will require a climate and statistical scientific background, PhD or MSc. Most analyses will involve the use of statistical theories and methods, and will require good programming skills (R, fortran, shell & CDO scripting) and familiarization with typical data formats (netcdf) and plotting utilities (GMT, gnuplot); all under LINUX environments. An understanding of climate models and simulations is required, as well as an interest in communicating research to the scientific community and beyond (in fluent English).

The selected candidate will be hired by the University of Murcia for a duration of 10 months (with some possibility of extension for a few more months) with a net monthly salary depending on the experience. Murcia is a manageable place in southern Spain (near the coast), with good weather and good food, where the living costs are certainly cheap. Still, flexibility with tele-working can be considered.

The position should start before March 2020.

Applications should be sent as soon as possible. They should include a CV and the names of two references (including their e-mail addresses). Applications should be submitted by e-mail to Sonia Jerez (


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