Scientific engineer in atmospheric sounding from space

SPASCIA, Ramonville Saint Agne, France
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In the frame of its developing activities on atmospheric sounding from visible and infrared remote-sensing, SPASCIA company invites applications for a scientific & research engineer permanent position.

SPASCIA is a French, independent private SME created in March 2016. SPASCIA performs innovative scientific engineering studies, provides expertise and develops simulation and processing algorithms in the fields of Earth Observation from Space for atmospheric sounding. SPASCIA has developed recognized expertise in instrument/system/mission algorithm development and data processing of optical space-borne EO observation systems focused on – but not limited to – infrared spectrometry for atmospheric sounding applications, based on long-term involvement in IASI, IASI-NG and MTG-IRS missions with CNES, EUMETSAT and ESA, as well as on UVNS interferometers and spectrometers (GOSAT, TROPOMI on Sentinel-5 precursor, MicroCarb, Sentinel-4, Sentinel-5, NitroSat).
The expertise covers level 1 activities (infrared interferometers and spectrometers level 0/1 system performance simulation and data processing algorithm assessment), level 2 activities (radiative transfer modelling, level 2 data processing algorithm development/validation for geophysical product retrieval) level 3/4 activities (instruments synergies, data fusion and data assimilation, retrieval of elaborated products), and scientific exploitation in the fields of meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and climate. The strategic approach is to maintain and develop complementary skills and expertise on the whole instrument/system/mission chain of data processing and exploitation, from mission specification to operational exploitation. It is accompanied with a good knowledge on atmospheric modelling.

The successful candidate will work in a multidisciplinary and experienced team on the SPASCIA level1/level2/level4 activities with, space agencies and scientific institutes for preparation and exploitation of sounding missions for the atmospheric composition. She/He will develop her/his competence and actively contribute to the life and the development of a dynamic, research-oriented SME of 10-12 PhD people.

The salary will commensurate with experience and education.


  • Ph.D. (or Master with 2-3 years’ experience) in Atmospheric Science, Earth Observation and Remote-sensing, or related fields.
  • Demonstrated experience in visible or infrared remote sensing and data processing. Experience on space missions for atmospheric composition would be appreciated (e.g. : TROPOMI in the UV-Visible and near-infrared, IASI in the thermal infrared).
  • Demonstrated experience in atmospheric radiative transfer and atmospheric spectroscopy.
  • Demonstrated experience in algorithm and software development : python, Fortran/C, Linux.
  • Evidence of strong scholarship through published research in the field of atmospheric science or remote sensing would be appreciated.
  • Good French and English language skills
  • Good interpersonal, writing, and research skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and as a member of the research team.
  • Experience in scientific project management would be appreciated.

To apply
Please submit a cover letter, CV, and if possible, the names and contact information for professional references, to