Researcher in Climate Dynamics and Extremes

Uppsala University, Sweden
Closing date: 16 July 2020

The researcher will work within a research group, which focuses on the dynamics of extreme climate events in the mid and high latitudes and their interactions with other components of the Earth System. More information on ongoing research can be found at The exact focus of the research is flexible, providing a unique opportunity for the candidate to develop his/her own original ideas. Possible topics may include – but are not limited to – the identification of recurring planetary wave-breaking patterns linked to regional extremes, the use of machine learning approaches and dynamical systems theory to characterise the predictability of extremes and the use of numerical models to study the occurrence of compound extremes. The researcher, if s/he so wishes, will also have the opportunity to engage in teaching/supervising duties.

A Ph. D. or a corresponding degree in Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Climate Science or similar disciplines with experience of atmospheric/climate studies is required. The applicant must be proficient in spoken and written English.

Additional qualifications
Experience with statistical analysis, machine learning, numerical climate models and atmospheric dynamics, as well as appropriate computing and coding skills are a merit. The ranking of the candidates will also accord weight to evidence of independent thinking, quality of peer-reviewed publications and ability to interact effectively in a multi-disciplinary research environment. Experience in private sector employment in fields relevant to the position will also be positively evaluated.


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