Research position on regional climate modeling

Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium & KU Leuven, Belgium
Closing date: 17 April 2023

KU Leuven and the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium invite applications for an open-ended research position on regional climate modeling.

The overall short-term objective for the researcher is to develop a new scientifically-validated conceptual framework that combines regional climate modeling at high resolution with statistical methods, with a focus on future climate extremes for impact-oriented regional downscaling and to provide developments for the ALARO model.

The long-term ambition of the research is to assist in the design of the next-generation Belgian climate scenarios in line with the Sixth IPCC Assessment Report and necessary for national climate services and in support of the new Belgian Climate Center, covering cross-sectoral impact assessments through the design of tailored scenarios. These tailored methods incorporate the information from global, regional as well as high-resolution climate models and will allow improved risk assessment of future climate extremes and their impact. The candidate will contribute to strategic decisions on future modeling systems in the light of international developments in European regional climate modeling consortia (ACCORD and COSMO-CLM).

The position to be held consists of a half-time position at the RMI and a half-time position at KU Leuven.