Research Assistant/Associate in Atmospheric Measurements

Imperial College London, UK
Closing date: 8 August 2024

Salary:   £38,977 to £53,558 per annum
Location / Campus:    South Kensington Campus – On site only
Contract Type / Work Pattern:    Full time – Fixed term of 12 months
Contract Start date:  01-Sept-2024 or later
Closing date:   08-Aug-2024
Reference Number:  NAT01768

Job summary

Measurements of radiocarbon (14C) in atmospheric CO2 are useful for studying fossil fuel CO2 emissions and other aspects of the carbon cycle. In order to measure 14C in CO2, atmospheric samples must be collected and transported to a laboratory for accelerator mass spectrometry. The aim of this project is to develop a portable, automated and flexible sampling system for CO2.

The researcher will develop a sampling system for atmospheric CO2 samples to be analysed for radiocarbon content by accelerator mass spectrometry. The system design will be developed from existing laboratory systems to become portable and automated. The system will be tested in the laboratory and in fieldwork in collaboration with other researchers. The researcher will be based in South Kensington in London. The researcher will collaborate with the Bristol Radiocarbon Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility and make visits to Bristol to conduct measurements. The researcher will also make visits to Ireland for fieldwork. Prior experience with atmospheric measurements is desired. Knowledge of electronics, heating and gas handling in laboratories is desired.

Opportunities for extension of the position may become available during the contract.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Heather Graven ( for informal enquiries about the position.