Postdoctoral position in Stratospheric Modeling and Data Analysis

University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Closing date: 30 April 2019

The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado at Boulder is seeking a research scientist 1 to study radiative, chemical, and dynamical processes in the upper troposphere and stratosphere. The successful applicant will work in the U. S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Earth System Research Laboratory/Chemical Sciences Division (NOAA ESRL/CSD). Within this Division, the researcher will work closely with a team of federal and CIRES scientists to assess the global impact of past and potential future anthropogenic perturbations to the stratosphere (e.g., due to ozone depleting substances, rockets, and supersonic transport), as well as the processes controlling variability of stratospheric water vapor and ozone from interannual to decadal time scales.

CIRES seeks an individual with demonstrated expertise in large-scale atmospheric modeling, including modifying code as well as running community models, and the statistical analysis of global data sets (including model archives). Familiarity with stratospheric processes controlling ozone and water vapor as well as connections between stratosphere and troposphere is beneficial. Familiarity with atmospheric aerosol processes is also beneficial. The ability to work well with other researchers and support staff in a collaborative research environment is essential. The applicant should have experience both in writing papers for the peer-reviewed literature and presenting his/her research at scientific meetings. A PhD in the field of atmospheric science, environmental science, chemistry, physics or the equivalent is required.

The initial term of the appointment is for one year, with a possibility of extension to a maximum of three years.

Applications received by April 30, 2019 will receive full consideration.


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