Postdoc position on marine boundary layer clouds and air-sea interactions

University of Milan, Italy
Closing date not provided

The University of Milan – Bicocca currently has one open position for a 2 years post-doc in the field of marine boundary layer clouds and small scale air-sea coupling.

The research is part of the project EUREC4A-OA funded by the JPI Climate and Oceans program, devoted to improving the representation of small-scale nonlinear atmosphere-ocean interactions in Climate Models by innovative joint observing and modeling approaches. In particular, observational data gathered during the field campaign and model outputs will be analyzed with the aim of evaluating how cloud cover is affected by aerosol loads and by different air-sea interaction mechanisms. The work is also closely related to the ongoing development of the ESA Earth Explorer X Candidate Mission Harmony.

Salary will be 25,000 euro per year. The selection process will close in early November 2021, and the starting date will preferentially be 1 December 2021.

Candidates should have expertise in ocean and/or atmospheric modeling as well as in data analysis. Computer skills should include mastering of Python and/or Matlab, Fortran, cdo, and shell scripting. Candidates should contact Prof. Claudia Pasquero sending via email ( a full CV and two names of people who could write reference letters.


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