Postdoc position in the field of quantifying regional emissions of methane

University of Edinburgh, UK
Closing date: 6 September 2023

At the University of Edinburgh, you will develop a robust Bayesian inverse method to integrate short-wave and thermal IR measurements (e.g., GOSAT and IASI) to improve regional emission estimates of methane, with a particular focus over the UK. You will also assess the added value of IASI-TROPOMI methane retrievals to estimate regional emission estimates of methane.

As part of this work, you will lead:

  • the GEOS-Chem chemistry transport modelling and the associated data analysis of atmospheric methane, and the development of inversion methods to integrate different EO data.
  • the delivery of results and associated peer-review publications and conference presentations, and liase with research groups within the EOCIS project.

Further details of the position

The successful applicant will become a member of an active research group at the University of Edinburgh that studies the atmosphere on Earth and other planets using data, models, and theory.

The deadline is 6 September 2023 before 2359 UK time.