Postdoc position: “Modelling water pathways and isotopes in the trade-wind boundary layer (MoWITrade)”

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Closing date: 06 July 2020

The research of the working group “Weather and Climate Processes” headed by Stephan Pfahl covers various aspects of atmospheric dynamics, extreme weather events and the atmospheric water cycle. Numerical models of varying complexity and different observational data sets are used to study atmospheric processes and phenomena on time scales ranging from single weather events to long term climate change.

Job description
The postdoctoral scientist will work in the project “Modelling water pathways and isotopes in the trade-wind boundary layer (MoWITrade)”, funded by the German Science Foundation, which aims at investigating the water cycle in the marine trade-wind region. She or he will develop and apply sophisticated moisture transport diagnostics in numerical model simulations over a wide range of resolutions based on the ICON-ART framework. Passive numerical moisture tracers will be used in combination with prognostic water isotope simulations to determine the isotopic fingerprints of moisture pathways in the trade-wind region. The simulated isotopic composition will be compared to measurements from the recent EUREC4A field campaign over the tropical North Atlantic.

Doctoral degree (PhD) in meteorology, climate sciences, physics, mathematics or computer sciences.

More information and how to apply


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