Postdoc position in the field of cloud-modelling

University of Warsaw, Poland
Closing date: 30 September 2019

The successful candidate will work on the project entitled “Turbulent dynamics and microphysics in a Stochastic Lagrangian Cloud Model” funded by the Polish National Science Centre. The project investigates by numerical simulations the role of turbulence in the microphysical processes that shape the droplet spectrum in convective clouds. The candidate should be ready to start not later than January 2020.

The university is seeking a candidate with a background in physics (atmospheric physics or computational atmospheric science) or with the Earth and environmental sciences. Interdisciplinary experience in turbulence modelling will be appreciated.

Experience in co-operative programming, knowledge of C++ and/or Python, and general knowledge of open standards and tools of applicability in numerical modelling will all constitute additional assets.

The post is based in Warsaw, Poland. The project is carried out in co-operation with partners from NCAR. A very good command of written and spoken English is essential and the candidate can expect the same from all members of the team.

The candidate is required to hold a PhD degree by the date of appointment.

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