Post-Doctoral Researcher in Climate Extremes

Posted 12 October, 2018

Uppsala University, Sweden
Closing date: 11 November 2018

Uppsala University invites applications for a post-doctoral researcher in climate dynamics at the Department of Earth Sciences. This positon provides funding for 2 years, with the possibility for outstanding candidates to progress to a research scientist position after this.

The focus will be on characterising the large-scale drivers and improve the prediction of mid-latitude weather extremes by combining the study of atmospheric dynamics with a statistical/mathematical approach.

The exact focus of the research is flexible, providing a unique opportunity for the candidate to develop his/her own original ideas.

Possible topics may include – but are not limited to – the identification of recurring planetary wave-breaking patterns linked to regional extremes, the use of dynamical systems theory to characterise the predictability of instantaneous atmospheric states, the use of idealised models to study the co-occurrence of geographically remote extreme weather events. The postdoc will also have the opportunity to engage in teaching/supervising duties.

For full details and to apply:

The dealine for applications is the 11 November, with a start date in January 2019 or later.

Contact Dr. Gabriele Messori ( with any questions.

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