Post-Doc on the study of drought with models and remote sensing data

Ramon Llull University, Roquetes (near Tortosa), Spain
Closing date: 28 April 2019

The Ebro Observatory (Ramon Llull University – CSIC) is looking for researchers with a PhD who want to apply for an 18-month contract focused on the study of drought using models and remote sensing data.

The post-doc will work on large scale hydrological simulation with the SASER (SAFRAN-SURFEX-EAUDYSEE-RAPID) hydrological modeling chain and with downscaled remote sensing surface soil moisture data, with the objective to better understand drought processes in an anthropized environment (Ebro River basin and Iberia as a whole).

The position is financed by the HUMID (Hydrological Understanding and Modeling of Iberian Drought) Project, funded by the Spanish Government under grant CGL2017-85687-R.

The Ebro Observatory is located nearby Tortosa, in southern Catalonia, Spain.


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