PhD Position related to High-Resolution Climate Modeling

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Closing date not specified

The Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zürich is a leading climate research institute, and has an open position in the research group “Climate and Water Cycle” led by Prof. Christoph Schär for a PhD student in high-resolution climate modeling. The ideal starting date is fall 2020. The position is for a period of three years.

Project background
The aim of our research is to better understand the role of the water cycle in past, current and future climates, and to improve the predictive power of climate models. Recent work of our group has strongly contributed to the development of km-resolution climate modeling (see Schär et al. 2020 in BAMS, This particular position will be devoted to regional climate modeling by employing a range of horizontal resolutions (12-2km) over the tropical Atlantic. The position is part of the project “Exploiting km-resolution climate models in the tropics to constrain climate-change uncertainties” (trCLIM), funded through the Swiss National Science Foundation. The overarching goal of this project is to assess the role of tropical clouds for climate change and thereby the response in the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS). This will be done by conducting comprehensive limited-area climate-change experiments, and by assessing the sensitivity of the model response to computational resolution and model parameter uncertainty.

Job description
The main objective of the PhD project is to investigate parameter uncertainty in high-resolution convection-resolving climate simulations. The targeted work includes performing regional climate simulations as well as exploiting and further developing an objective parameter calibration methodology. The PhD position is embedded in an experienced research team, provides access to high-performance computing systems, and is linked to ongoing international and national initiatives (e.g. CORDEX, COPERNICUS, HORIZON2020).


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