PhD position on Future changes to rainfall over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
Closing date: 9 January 2024

The successful student will use datasets such as CloudSat satellite data, ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis, and station weather reports to quantify present-day occurrences of rainfall for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and identify the main meteorological drivers associated with these events. They will also assess the robustness of simulated precipitation for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in CMIP6 global climate models and identify a subset of the most reliable models for making projections of future changes in rainfall over these regions. The student will be hosted at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK, which is a world leading polar research centre focused on Earth System Science. Additional supervision will be from the School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol. The student will learn about climate change, climate modelling, satellite data, atmospheric processes, atmosphere-cryosphere interaction, and analysis using Python. The training will be through short courses and Summer Schools and through interactions with the supervising team who together cover expertise in all these topics.