PhD Position in Natural Sciences Climate Research

CICERO Center for International Climate Research, Oslo, Norway
Closing date: 1 September 2020

CICERO invites applications to a PhD position for research in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) climate research, funded by the Research Council of Norway. The fellow’s research will be within CICERO’s prioritized natural science research areas.

The position will be connected to one of CICERO’s research groups for climate mitigation, climate impacts or atmospheric research, and it is desirable that our new colleague can cooperate within the range of these areas, as well as with external partners.

The fellowship position is an educational position and should lead to a PhD degree. A solid quantitative natural scientific background is crucial. A master’s degree or equivalent is required, where relevant fields of study may be (but not limited to) climate, statistics and applied natural sciences. Expertise in numerical modeling, programming and handling of large amounts of data is an advantage.

The master’s degree must be completed by the application deadline, with grade B or better (or equivalent) both for the thesis and the master’s degree. Good proficiency in written and oral English is required.

It is a requirement that the person receiving the position seeks and is granted admission to a PhD program at a relevant University (doctoral institution) in Norway. Admission to the PhD program must be applied for within three months of appointment, and the candidate must meet the requirements for admission. Criteria are stated in the application form for the relevant program.

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