PhD position in climate model analyses of the past centuries

University of Bern, Switzerland
Closing date: 1 September 2020

The climatology group of the Institute of Geography and Oeschger Centre, University of Bern, announces an opening for a PhD position in climate model analyses of the past centuries. The PhD is embedded in the ERC project PALAEO-RA (<>) which aims at reconstructing global climate of the past 600 years by assimilating instrumental data and proxies into climate model simulations.

The successful candidate will mainly work on the model side of the project and analyse an ensemble of atmospheric simulations of the past 600 years. A focus will be on large-scale variability, potential changes in the latter and implications for historical extreme events. Within the work the student will have the opportunity to explore novel methods of analysing climate variability based on large ensemble statistics.

Applicants should have a M.Sc. degree in Meteorology, Oceanography, Climate Science, Geosciences, Physics or a related field. The climatology group expects very good knowledge of the physical processes in the climate system, in particular of the large-scale circulation patterns and their variability on interannual-to-centennial time scales. Furthermore good knowledge in statistics and experience in working with tools for the analysis and visualisation of atmosphere and ocean model data (e.g. cdo, python, R, MatLab or similar) are required. Experience in handling large numbers of files and large data sets are beneficial, as far as experience in working in high performance computing environments.

The University of Bern appreciates diversity and we therefore encourage people of all genders to send us their applications. Screening of applications starts on 1 September 2020 and continues until the position is filled. The position will start 1 January 2021. Please send your CV and publication list as well as names of two references IN ONE PDF-FILE to <>.


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