PhD position in atmospheric sciences

Luleå University of Technology, Kiruna, Sweden
Closing date: 13 February 2023

The Luleå University of Technology offers an exciting project for a PhD student at the Spacecampus in Kiruna, Sweden.

Combining satellite borne measurements with field-site observations and experiments in a well-equipped lab-facility shall improve the understanding how pollution alters snow reflective properties.

The spectral reflectivity of snow during springtime is determined by a combination of the snowpack properties and the amount of pollutants on and within the snow. Reflectivity changes as a result of melting processes and the pollution load. The analysis of satellite images will be supported by field-site measurements of snow properties, radiative conditions, albedo and pollution load. Additionally, in a dedicated ice laboratory, optical properties, melting behaviour and the dependence on pollution on and inside a snowpack will be examined in a controlled environment.

The successful candidate will work with satellite data as well as field-site measurements and lab experiments.