PhD position in atmospheric dynamics

University of Hamburg, Germany
Closing date: 30 November 2020

What is the spectrum of the vertical momentum fluxes in the tropics in the state-of-the-science analyses? How good are climate models in simulating it?

A PhD position addressing this question is available in Atmospheric Dynamics group of the Meteorological Institute of CEN,

The deadline for applications is 30 November 2020.

The position is a part of the subproject L2 “Quantifying Dynamical Regimes in the Ocean and the Atmosphere” of the Germany Science Foundation Collaborative Research Center “Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean”,

The candidate will work on the quantification of the vertical momentum fluxes related to the atmospheric Rossby and gravity waves using theory and modelling together with Prof. Nedjeljka Žagar and partners within the collaborative research center.

Questions regarding the research topic should be addressed to Nedjeljka Žagar at

Requirements include a university degree in physics or mathematics, preferably with specialization in atmosphere or ocean sciences, good programming skills, fluency in English language and strong interest in geophysical fluid dynamics and numerical modelling.

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