PhD position: The Impact of Spatio-Temporal Varying Wave fields on Offshore Wind Farm Performance

Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Lyngby, Denmark
Closing date: 1 September 2021

The Department of Wind Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Wind Energy) is seeking candidates for a 3-year PhD project within the Meteorology and Remote Sensing (MES) section.

Waves impact the atmosphere above them and the wind characteristics. Model- ing the effect of waves on the turbulent atmospheric boundary layer is complex, is an unresolved problem, and has implications, e.g., for marine and coastal meteorology, and offshore wind energy. The PhD candidate will work within a research project, which is seeking at the understanding of the effects of wave fields on the marine atmosphere and on the performance of offshore wind farms by physically modeling the wave fields in a numerical atmospheric model.

Further information may be obtained from Senior Scientist Alfredo Peña (


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