PhD position in atmospheric water cycle dynamics

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Closing date: not specified

ETH Zurich offers a PhD project on “Large-scale circulation drivers and stable water isotope characteristics of low-level clouds over the tropical Atlantic” (Heavy Cumuli). The Heavy Cumuli PhD candidate will be strongly involved in the international measurement campaign “Elucidating the role of cloud circulation coupling in climate” (EUREC4A, in Barbados in the period from 20 January to 20 February 2020. The campaign work will involve instrument reference measurements for calibration purposes between flights, visualisation and interpretation of IFS forecasts for the campaign planning and contributing to flight plan discussions. In the second phase of the project, simulations and sensitivity studies with the isotope-enabled numerical weather and climate prediction model COSMOiso will be performed at convection-permitting resolution for the EUREC4A campaign period, the pre-EUREC4A period 2018, as well as for the period 2015-2020. These simulations will be combined with the measurements to evaluate the model and obtain better observational constraints for the representation of airmass moistening processes in the free troposphere and the marine boundary layer in the western Atlantic.

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